Trainwreck - Fresh Air/Dead Lungs CD

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Track Listing:

1. Die Young
2. Live Forever
3. Worn Out
4. Home
5. Absolute
6. Alaska
7. (We Are)
8. The Losing Fight
9. Arch My Back
10. Stubborn Heart
11. Fear And Belief
12. Sweet Pride

Melbourne metalcore leaders Trainwreck are about to launch their debut album “Fresh Air/Dead Lungs.” In the years since releasing their self titled debut EP, the band has toured around the country hitting as many places as possible on numerous tours with the likes of Stick To Your Guns, Emmure and The Bride. Putting their heads down towards the end of 2012, the band worked relentlessly on what was to become their debut album Fresh Air/Dead Lungs.

Recording in the first few months of 2013 at 3 Phase Studios in Melbourne, Trainwreck have captured their raw, chaotic and truly individual style in 12 tracks which stand head and shoulders above all previous work and will rank them amongst Australia’s brightest new bands. Combining melodic and driving guitar, layered with abrasive vocals, Trainwreck have made a name for themselves as unlike any other band, and Fresh Air/Dead Lungs is the culmination of that effort.